Use the marketplace you already know

ANNOUNCEMENT: We have launched a new way to access our API. click here to find out more .

Join RapidApi

Navigate to and join the biggest api marketplace out there (or sign in if you're already a member)

Endpoints page

Once you click the link, the first page you will see is the API Endpoints page. In this page, you will find most of the information needed to get started such as the list of endpoints, the documentation and the code snippets in many programming languages.

Choose your plan

Before being able to make your first request, you need to choose the plan to use it. Price plan starts from 0€ per month. click here to find out more to learn more about the different types of API Pricing and how billing works.

Sadly, RapidAPI asks you to input your credit card details even though you choose the free plan. If you don't want to share your credit card details use our new, direct, way to access the API.

Testing an api

Now that you've subscribed to an API plan, head back to the 'Endpoints' tab. In this page you can make your first call direct from your browser (without writing any single line of code). Type the required parameters and then click on the Test Endpoint button to make your first call.

As an help to make the calls programmatically, RapidApi provides you with many code snippets in different programming languages. Happy coding!